Handmade Moccasins

Feel the Earth!  Stay grounded while experiencing comfort! 

Our Moccasins are handmade in the traditional Indigenous method.  We use only the finest leathers and beads.  Our supplies are sourced directly from Indigenous communities whenever possible. 

With every purchase, we proudly donate a portion to the National Indigenous Women's Resource Center.


Notes about ordering:

* Pre-made moccasins will ship immediately.  Custom moccasins take 2-4 weeks to complete and ship.

* Custom orders must attach a valid email when ordering for detail correspondence. 

* All leather is natural and will sometimes have scars and marks due to the life of the animal.  We do not try to hide or mask any of these natural markings.  If you prefer clean, unmarked leather, the Goatskin is your best bet. 

*  All of our moccasins are waterproof and durable.  They will however, age and change color with wear. 

*  Your Moccasins should fit a bit snug and loosen over time.